August 19, 2008

Laura's First Day Of School...

Today was Laura's first day of school. She was to go until 11:25. She seemed to have a GREAT day!

We drove to the school a little before 8 in the morning. She has to get there at 8:05 latest in order to get breakfast in the morning. She gave me my kiss, hopped out of the van, and did her typical turn around and wave quickly before disappearing into the school.

Every year, I become annoyed. I become annoyed at the people who don't know what they are doing. Those that choose to stop in the drive through area (they can park on the other side or in the parking lot). We stop pretty much to where we fit as many people as possible dropping their kids off. So, most of us don't leave enough room to try to pull around the person in front of us (we aren't suppose to pass anyways... child safety). But yeah, I always get stuck behind the person who has to GET OUT and walk in and not show back up for awhile. URG!

Laura's highlight was that her teacher is pregnant... and we know how much Laura loves pregnant women and babies!! She's gonna be a mommy when she grows up. LOL! :)


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