August 20, 2008

Caleb's First Day...

So, Caleb's first day happened! He was SUCH a big boy. We dropped off his sister first and then drove back to his school and we were talking while waiting for the line to go through. Well, Fun Fun... I planned on taking in my new camera and taking a photo of him in front of his little cubbie. But he wanted to be a big boy... and he got out of the car by himself and headed in to drop off the back pack and eat some breakfast. So he did it all himself.

He got a sticker and a piece of candy because he behaved all day. :) So while we were waiting for Laura to show up I took advantage of the time and snapped a first day (after school) photo.

Steve and I decided to walk to pick up the kids from school today... it was nice to enjoy some time to walk by ourselves and then have some time to talk with the two older kids without being "out numbered" about how school was and such. I had to once again take advantage of the camera :).


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