August 18, 2008

Matt's First Day

The kids were up by 8:30 this morning... I was going to sleep in but then an excitement and nervousness set it and I couldn't so I got up. Over the morning, breakfast was served... kids played... Matt got dressed... back pack was packed (one set of spare clothes to KEEP at Head Start and one set to KEEP in the back pack)... we waited on the porch for the bus to come... then he was off to school. As far as I can tell he manged to get on the bus without a fuss but once in his seat his nerves kicked in I think. But he wasn't crying like I expected.

So, here is some photos from him going back to school.

Matt's waiting so patiently!

Did I just hear the bus????

I'm a big brave boy!!

Getting ready to get on the bus...

And he was off!


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Amanda said...

Awww first sweet!!!